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Lifesize Icon Diagram

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Partner: LifeSize Model: Icon 800 Device Type: Codec Select_Hangup_Caller D Press to display list of remote endpoints in call. Select_Dial_Keypad D Press to display dial keypad. Select_Camera_Controls D Press to display camera controls. Select_Far_Camera_Controls D Pulse to display far camera controls subpage.

The Lifesize Icon 500 camera system delivers stunning 4K content sharing and brilliant 4K video quality with impressive meeting room flexibility. Set up your small meeting rooms with a Lifesize Icon 500 conferencing system and a single display, or size up to larger rooms by adding a dedicated display for full-screen presentations.

Powered through the Lifesize Phone HD, Lifesize Phone, 2nd Generation or the Lifesize Icon Series system directly through a 4 meter (13 feet) combined audio and power cable, the Lifesize Digital MicPod, video conference microphone, was designed to enable optimal microphone placement and room coverage.

Engage with our thriving online community. Submit a help request, read documentation, and download the latest version of the Lifesize desktop application.

Lifesize Icon 600 is designed for maximum simplicity, flexibility and value. Pair to the Lifesize cloud-based service* Capitalize on the power of our cloud-based service to deliver even more substantial benefits to your business. Simple point-to-point and mobile calls that can quickly escalate

LifeSize Room 200 Installation Manual . Conference System LifeSize Icon 800 Installation Manual (13 pages) relief clip to the codec and route the LifeSize MicPod cable through the strain relief clip as shown in the following diagram. To obtain a replacement strain relief clip, contact